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Gleason Cattle Company


Our Farm

We are a 4th generation family farm that pride ourselves on top quality care for our animals while using sustainable and renewable farming practices to create a legacy we will pass on to our children.

Our farming story started in 2001 when Chad bought his first calves. From farming on shares to owning our own farm it has been a journey we have loved, fought with, cried over and built up many times. We can honestly say we never expected our farm to look like it does today. Over the years goals and plans changed and life happened. From specialized calf raisers to a diversified crop and livestock operation we are excited to introduce you to what our farm has become. A family farm specializing in high quality farm-to-table meats and high quality livestock forages. 

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Our Story

Local Family Farm

Gleason Cattle Company was established in 2007. They provided the meat for their own wedding reception and shortly after had requests for quarters and halves of beef. Customers grew from family, to friends of family and then to strangers looking for a high quality product. With growing demand came requests for smaller quantities and individual cuts of meat. After inspections, coordinating and hard work an on farm, meat store became a reality in July of 2019. Gleason Cattle Company Meats, farm store is stocked with steaks, roasts, hamburger, summer sausage, stew meat, a variety of pork and lamb and their very popular beef sticks! 

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