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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order meat?
    We offer beef(traditional/corn fed and grass-fed), pork and lamb processing monthly. If your family is looking for a quarter, half or whole beef or a half or whole pig or lamb, send us a message and we can help you figure out what is available. Any meat not sold in large quantities is brought back to our on-farm store for sale as individual cuts.
  • Do you offer shipping?
    Yes! As of January 1st, 2023 we are shipping to all of Wisconsin, most of Illinois and parts of Iowa and Minnesota with our 1 day shipping and nationwide in 2-3 days. There is a 5lb minimum on shipping orders and each shipment will have a shipping and handling fee added. We decided to add shipping instead of hiding the cost in our products. We felt that was the best way to serve all our customers while meeting our goal of keeping our meats affordable for all. We have many customers that travel several hours to stock their freezer. Our farm is close to historic Galena, IL, Shullsburg, WI and a short drive from Dubuque Iowa. There are many unique communities that make a trip to this area something the whole family will enjoy if you decide to come see us and pick up an order in person.
  • Where can we buy your products if we don't want to travel to the store?
    We regularly attend Farmers' Markets in downtown Galena, the Galena Territories, Belmont, Platteville and Shullsburg. We also have several retail partners that carry our beef sticks including Roelli Cheese Haus near Shullsburg, A&M Hardware in Shullsburg and Thompson's IGA in Cuba City. We ship too!
  • Do you process on farm?
    No. All our meat is federally inspected, processed and packaged at Avon in Darlington before it makes it's way back to the store to be sold. Avon is our main pick up location for quarters and larger portions of meat as well.
  • What is the difference between regular beef and grass-fed?
    To be honest, not much. We raise lean beef with high forage(grasses, hays, corn silage) diets normally. So the grass-fed beef simply has no corn or grain products in the diet. The health benefits that go with it are trivial in comparison to regular beef so pick the one you like the best for flavor. Grass-fed beef has a slightly more mineral or earthy flavor and the corn fed has a richer taste.
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