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Our Animals


Cattle are where our farm story began. We started raising local dairy, bull calves in 2004. We utilize automated feeding systems to provide top of the line care for the group housed calves. In 2014 we welcomed a small herd of beef cows. They are a blend of Hereford, Shorthorn, Angus and a few other breeds with an emphasis on strong maternal traits and carcass quality.

From our TMR(total mixed ration) fed cattle to our grass fed options the goal is steak house quality at every day prices.


Pigs joined our farm in 2019. Customers wanted a pork that had excellent flavor like they remembered from Grandma's kitchen as a kid. After researching and a lot of looking we found a small scale breeder with the same goals. We welcome feeder pigs multiple times per year from Hog Wild Show Pigs in Manchester, Iowa. Our pigs may never look the same but the meat quality is spot on. The pigs have lean meat with a deep red color, exceptional flavor and chops and ham steaks that will fill your plate.    


Chickens started from a dream our kids had. They helped raise our first Easter Egger chicks and have carefully selected additions to the flock ever since. We do not offer meat chickens currently but never say never. Our chickens lay beautiful green, blue and brown eggs but our emphasis is kid friendly birds. 


We bought our first sheep in October 2020. They were a huge success. In February 2021 we added a small flock of Katahdins and a couple bottle babies to our farm. Katahdins are a haired sheep breed meaning they don't need sheared but shed their wool instead. They are a breed known for meat quality and flavor. We are expecting more lamb through the meat shop this fall.

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